Monday, July 9, 2012

I have decided to move all posts before this date into the "previous" tab.  It has info related to a campaign that never really took off.  I attempted to play with people with whom I had never actually met.  There was no bond and some error stopped the first game from happening; after that incident it was very difficult to get the players back into the game and simply did not have the PC's to continue playing.  I am about to DM a new 4E game, same material as my first attempt but this time on a tabletop with dice.  It is of course the best way to play; just generally funner to have a group with you rather than a monitor and headphones.

I am certainly going to change the way magic works; up to this point I assumed that a 2nd d20 would be rolled on all magic as the second die would entail what the effect was.  I still believe it to be the best way, however it may slow the game considerably.  The hit and miss system is great, but what happens when a magic missile misses... does it just completely disintegrate; most likely not.  It could be that the wording was a bit off and the spell becomes and area of effect.  I think this small addition could add a great deal of fun to the campaign, however, I do not want to detract from the fun by making it difficult to use magic in a way that benefits the party.  Much of this is theory in in the rules of the land section, but I think of this issue often.

The last thought for tonight, I know moving npc's/monsters from any edition to 4E is like creating the creature anew; has anyone come across a decent way of doing this?  My current plan for monsters not yet in 4E is to use similar races and just move on, has anyone had success in other ways?  Let me know!!!

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